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about us.

Live in Color is a student organization at the University of Michigan, created to boost campus atmosphere through colorful and creative murals.

Using well established color psychology, Live in Color seeks to bring color and design to many of the older buildings in the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor community which were designed without taking into account the atmosphere that they create. Bleak, white, walls escort hallway travelers to and from class and work, which can have a substantial negative impact on the students, faculty, staff and those who use bleak and blank spaces every day. 


Our goal is simple: improve community morale through art and design while creating an interdisciplinary space where a diverse group of people can express themselves creatively and build a community.

Live in Color has over 350 members from many disciplines across campus. We welcome students of any skill level. Come paint and join the Live in Color community!

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our murals.

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